Everything we do

Not only do you buy a service, you buy passion.

We are passionate about what we do. You should feel this and see it in the result. But passion alone is not enough. We bring the passion into the right channels and create your digital marketing strategy through systematics, know-how and organization.

Here are the facts.

  • Consulting and Workshops
    Digital-Content is real
  • Multimedia concept development
  • Multimedia production
    As a customer, we already have the concept ...
  • Visual Effects
    We create new worlds
  • Animation & CGI
    Nah no, it all comes from the computer
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality
    Augmented vs Virtual Realities
  • Product Visualization
    Oh, now the thing is turning again ...
  • 3D Scanning
    From product to digital asset

Consulting and Workshops

We are digital natives, we have a different view of media, communication and creativity. Our ideas do not arise at a desk!

We offer workshops and consulting in the field of creativity, communication and technology. Digital content is the most powerful form of communication in our world today. This is not a trend! We support you to find the right media, to find the right channels and to become successful with your digital marketing. We answer questions about the topics of new media, old media and future media. What if there is media that does not exist? Yes, that's right, but we can certainly help.

Multimedia concept development

A multimedia concept must not become a prison. We develop strategies and concepts that are agile and flexible.

A good multimedia concept is based on a clear definition of goals and a strategy. That is exactly what we develop. The target definition is the basis for generating ideas, the strategy the basis for the measures. We design and produce a suitable multimedia concept for you with a film, animation, VR experience or everything in one package. The most important thing is to meet your target audience and make a positive impression right there. Wow! Wow? Yes - WOW!

Multimedia production

We implement concepts.

We produce the necessary puzzle pieces and thus create the overall picture for your digital marketing. No matter what format that may be or what medium you end up in, we meet the budget, the schedule and yes, the target group again. Sharpening, throwing and hit.

Visual Effects

Oh, that wasn't there! It's funny.

With visual effects you can turn something boring into something exciting. Show things in a real environment that you cannot see or that arise entirely from our imagination. We integrate digitally produced images seamlessly and photo-realistically into your on location footage. Both in advertising and in feature film. We have access to top talent in this area, worldwide.

Animation & CGI

Yes, everything from the computer. But no, not at the push of a button.

It takes love and passion to fill the blank with color, to breathe life into the lifeless. We develop and produce animated films in the appropriate design language. Whether it's a cute character, an abstract representation of a situation or a photo-realistic product, that depends entirely on the concept and your goals.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Completely virtual or augmented?

Both techniques have advantages and disadvantages. We'll help you make the right decision. What remains in the end is WOW again. Once you've worn VR glasses, you quickly realize the power this technology has. It is no less exciting, for example, to see a dinosaur walking down the street through your smartphone. Yes, you have to have it. It's easy, WOW!

Product Visualization

Product visualization awakes emotions.

We create product visualizations that are visually appealing and yes, our products sometimes turn on their own axis. That's not a bad thing. But the goal still remains that in the end you have a visualization that you want to look at.

3D Scanning

Everybody is doing it -> digitization.

Yes, there is also one in marketing and a first step is to bring the products into a form that enables each customer to experience them individually. With our scanning service we scan your products and create a three-dimensional and photo-realistic image. Exactly, you can already guess, you can throw it into an AR app or other real-time application to take a closer look. Oh, no, you don't have to go to a store anymore.

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