Drees & Sommer SE

The Blue Way - Next Exit

Goldener Delphin
Cannes Corporate


Our work for the new image film for Drees and Sommer started in May 2019 with the first script reviews. It was clear that this project would be very complex. Together with director Maximilian Buck, we developed the visual effects and thus parts of the world in which the film takes place. After a couple of exciting days of shooting in the studio and in Hong Kong, post-production followed.


There were various tasks to be dealt with. The greatest challenge was definitely the world forge. There the characters form their visions from small spheres and combine them into a new building. These buildings then appear in the real world. Since none of these buildings exist in the real world, they had to be made for the world forge as well as for the real world.

Another task was to show a city that had come to a standstill. People fled the city because it was no longer worth living in. For us this meant removing all moving objects and people from the plates and show signs of decay. The transformation was carried out with the help of digital set extensions.

Thanks to our strong core team (Marco Hakenjos, Stefan Hähnlein and Vincent Langer) it was possible to solve the creative and complex core issues of the project. The shots were then implemented with other partners and brought into their final form.

The result was a film that enables us to take a visual journey through the architecture of the present and future, a journey into the thoughts of fictional architects and thinkers. This is another film in which the visual effects help to carry the story and bring us images that we have never seen before.

After several months of work, sleepless nights and weekends in front of the PC, the film was shown at a digital company presentation.


Client Drees & Sommer SE
Production Company Cinecore Motion Pictures GmbH
Co-Production Flyvision Media GmbH
Director Maximilian Buck
DOP Julia Schlingmann



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