At Weitblick Real Estate, the focus was on redesigning the brand identity. Our goal was to create a strong brand identity by establishing guidelines with clear values and objectives. In parallel, the corporate identity was carefully revised to ensure it reflects these values.

The biggest challenge was to merge tradition and modernity in a way that appeals to and emotionally touches our diverse target audience, spanning generations. Our approach ensures that Weitblick Real Estate as a brand is not only recognized but also felt, to build a deeper connection with the audience.

The core elements of the design were revised, starting with the logo, typography, and colors, always with a focus on the key themes.

Another essential element in our strategy for Weitblick Real Estate was the structuring and clear grouping of data to be communicated, such as property information. Our goal was to ensure that customers receive a clear and concise picture. This methodical preparation of information makes it easier for prospective buyers to grasp the essential features and benefits of the properties at a glance, and promotes efficient and targeted communication.

Both the developed templates and the guidelines for the brand and corporate identity have been clearly arranged in an online portal. They are now state-of-the-art and have been made digitally accessible.


Client Weitblick Immobilien GmbH
Agency Flyvision Media GmbH



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